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School Counseling/Guidance

CPS School Counselor Service Highlights
  • CPS School High School Counselors strive to empower students to become productive individuals through a developmentally age-appropriate program of services empowering students to become independent, productive individuals who maximize their full potential.
  • School Counseling services are aligned to the American School Counseling Association National Model & the ASCA Mindset & Behaviors for Student Success and focus on academic, persona/social, and college/career development and goals.
  • Support the whole adolescent by assisting students in educational planning by setting reflecting, and reaching goals, developing a positive attitude toward learning; understanding learning styles; developing an education plan; providing academic advising; improving study and test-taking skills; recognizing and utilizing academic strengths.
  • Helping students to grow personally and socially in developing self-knowledge; making effective decisions; developing relationship skills; making healthy choices; resolving conflicts.
College and Career Ready
  • CPS school counselors help students become college and career ready by assisting students to become college and career ready by exploring college and career opportunities; developing skills in college and career decision-making; analyzing the interrelationships of interests and abilities; understanding college and career readiness; using college and career planning tools to determine post-secondary options.
  • School Counselors guide student plans of study that facilitate successful student transitions between secondary and post-secondary education. The plan includes academic and career and technical content in a coordinated progression of courses.
School services are delivered through:
  • Direct Student Services include instruction, appraisal & advisement, counseling- individual and group.
  • Indirect Student Services include consultation, collaboration,& referrals.
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