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7am Doors Open for Breakfast
7:25 first Bell
7:37 1st Period begins
2pm end of school day 

CHSW Administration:

Thomas Barbieri - Principal

Zachary Farrell- Assistant Principal, CACTC

John Fontaine -Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs

Heidi Bautista - Assistant Principal

Christopher Coleman - Assistant Principal

Sean Durrigan - Assistant Principal

David Schiappa - Assistant Principal for Special and Related Services


Contact Numbers:

Main Office: 270.8049

FAX: 401.270.8526

Athletics: 270-8124

Attendance: 270.8049

CACTC 270.8070

Discipline: 270.8043

Guidance: 270.8063

Nurse: 270.8245

Special Education: 270.8521

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